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The interfaces of the realtor software from immoprofessional.

Your realtor website with integrated export interface:

  • Export as many objects as you wish (with photos, videos and additional info material) at the press of a button from your immoprofessional property website to all the important property portals.
  • The advantages for you as the broker are significant: You only need to enter your object data and photos once on your immoprofessional website and can then export these easily within seconds to the required portal with a simple click.
  • All other amendments are also undertaken only on your website and the amended objects exported easily to the required portals.
  • Should the portal you wish not be included under the following integrated interfaces you can set up an appropriate interface for yourself in your realtor software from immoprofessional. immoprofessional exports in the following formats: OpenImmo XML (Identifier: IMPF07), Immobilienscout24 XML, Kyero XML, Immobilienscout24 RestAPI and IDX3.01.
  • The export of property objects to WordPress, Joomla and TYPO3 installations is possible via "OpenImmo XML".

The import interface of your real property website:

  • Import as many objects (with photos, videos and additional info material) as you wish directly from your offline software to your realtor website from immoprofessional.
  • The advantage for you is significant: You enter your object data/photos only once in your offline software and export theses easily with a click and quickly, within seconds to your immoprofessional website.
  • Amendments to properties are also undertaken only in your offline software and exported easily to your immoprofessional website.
  • Import is possible from all the following software solutions and from any software which can transmit object data in "OpenImmo XML" or "Kyero XML" format. Also, an import from or is no problem.

Perhaps you use different software than listed here for the management of your real estate objects? Please contact us at:

Information on the export /import interfaces:

  • The export/import interfaces can be used according to options. You do not need additional software in order to enter your objects to immoprofessional. You can also introduce and administer all object data directly - manually – via an easily operated administration function.
  • Objects can also easily be exchanged per interface between two or more immoprofessional websites.
  • The export of property objects to WordPress, Joomla and TYPO3 installations is possible via "OpenImmo XML".
Your free test version from immoprofessional:
See for yourself – discover all the possibilities! Your new real property software!

Simply fill out the fields – your test version is at your disposal for 30 days free of charge online in the Internet. If you then wish to place an order, all contents which you compile and enter during this period will be automatically taken over by immoprofessional.

Request your gratis test version for your website here and non-binding:

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Including no-charge import/export interface to your property homepage.
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