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Option meets innovation: the best real estate software for real estate agents.

What exactly do you understand by the term "real estate software"?

What exactly do you understand by the term "real estate software"?

When you hear this term, perhaps at first only the idea of a software with the option of managing real estate comes to your mind.

In itself, this assumption is not wrong: of course, this function is part of our innovative software. But this is not all that our software offers you:
an all-encompassing program for real estate agents is what you will find with us!

In the following we would like to present you all our features of the high quality real estate agent software of immoprofessional. Our real estate agent software can be easily operated from any PC, Linux computer or Macintosh without any additional software. With us, quality meets innovation!

Unlimited objects in our real estate­broker software

With many softwares that offer you options to advertise properties, you are limited in the number of objects you can post. Our software offers you a solution to this problem. Post an unlimited number of objects according to your wishes.

Regarding your objects, the exposé on your website can be designed as you wish with our software. Options to make it look good include photos, videos and virtual tours. Implement images and videos in the following ways:

  • From a digital camera or any database directly into the real estate database
  • Transfer of any number of images in one ZIP file
  • Automatic size and format adjustment
  • Individual text input for photos and videos
  • Watermark protection against theft or misuse of your photo data
  • Implementation of YouTube videos directly to rubrics or objects

In addition, you are completely free in the design of your headings. You have the option of unlimited input tabs, which you can name, for example, "Buy a house", "Rent an apartment" or similar terms.

Additionally, any kind of info material can be implemented. Possible formats of construction plans or floor plans are PDFs, Excel files or ZIPs, which can be downloaded by your customers.

The customer friendly real estate agent software

The real estate software from immoprofessional offers you the option of a panoramic overview of all their objects with the most important key data when selecting a specific category. Depending on your customer's selection, the following options can be offered to prospects and customers:

  • Gaining vendor contacts with the Real estate valuation lead generator
  • A view of all photos and videos of objects
  • Download and print the Exposés of an object, that you have created yourself
  • Creation of a personal watch list
  • Request for more information or a long exposé in PDF format in case of greater interest.
  • Links to cities or municipalities where the favored object is located
  • Convenient search of objects based on specific criteria such as postal code, living space or property size
  • Financing calculator to determine rates and costs
  • Importing the object as RSS feed

Directly on your start page you can present your personal highlights to your customers. Whether "highlight treadmill" or one to four objects as "offers of the month"-your customers get a direct overview of your best objects.

. A QR code can also be generated for each of your objects. By scanning it, the customer gains easy access to the object that appeals to him visually without a long search.

Also a news ticker in the upper or lower area is open to you as an option of implementation.

A real estate software that makes object tracking possible

The object tracking of our software allows you to provide your customers with information about your activities at any time. This means that you as a broker can enter data regarding a viewing appointment or an advertisement in the newspaper at the corresponding object. Afterwards you can activate the "object tracking". In the customer login, customers can now dial into the object tracking and view the data you have entered!

The customer login is also an innovative feature of our software. By using this option, you enable your customers to personalize their property search. The "customer login" function is done by distributing passwords to your customers in a quick and uncomplicated way. Subsequently, the following extended functions regarding the real estate search result for your customers:

  • Access to exclusive objects for selected customers
  • Management of an object watch list
  • Convenient object comparison
  • Viewing object tracking data
  • Entering personal interests of your client so you can get important information that will help you find properties for your client
  • Access to the guestbook, where customers can share their positive experiences with you

In case a customer forgets his password, our real estate agent software offers you the possibility of a direct request for a new password, so that your customers always have access to their account.

Manage your appointments and inform your clients about news with our real estate agent software

Our real estate software for agents allows you to build an optimal appointment management. The appointments you enter in the calendar are automatically linked to objects or clients. In addition, appointment reminders can be activated, either via pop-up at login or via email. Create a connection with Microsoft Exchange, you can create a permanent synchronization with Outlook, your smartphone or any other device of your choice. This way you and your customers will never forget an appointment again.

Regarding appointment management, our real estate agent software offers you another unique feature: free occupancy schedules for vacation or short term rentals. Should you also have vacation rentals in your portfolio, you can offer your clients occupancy schedules so that a quick and targeted rental can take place.

You can also create your exclusive and personal newsletter with our software. Your newsletter can be provided with information about objects and dates according to your wishes. The dispatch then takes place automatically and target group-oriented as a graphically processed e-mail.

With our real estate­broker software you personalize your forms and support your customers with financing

Creating forms can be an exhausting procedure. With our software this work becomes a breeze

  • Create your personal inquiry and contact forms with fields, labels and options
  • Requests come directly to you by e-mail
  • Choose ready-made forms from our forms database
  • Make your form available to others
  • Creation of a new user in the user administration upon receipt of a contact form
  • Creating interfaces to PayPal or Commonpay when using services from customers
  • Creation of "multi-optional contact forms" for targeted inquiries and specific information

Customers often have many questions regarding financing. With our real estate software you offer your customers the possibility to inform themselves in advance about possible financing and costs. For this purpose, various financing calculators can be implemented:

  • Rent calculator: How much do I pay for the property?
  • Budget calculator: How much real estate can I afford?
  • Repayment calculator: How long does it take to repay the loan?
  • Annuity calculator: How high is the monthly installment that must be paid for financing?

Access convenient databases with our real estate agent software

Customer databases are easy to update. In conjunction with a Microsoft Exchange Server, you can even link your smartphone or Outlook account and always stay up to date.

The database allows you to perform a customer-property match through your customer's favorite locations or certain keywords. This allows you to find the right property in seconds.

You as a broker can also print out all property and customer data for your folders in the office at any time.

Maintaining rubrics will be easier than ever. With the help of the editor, all rubrics can be updated at any time. Old information or customer files can be moved to the virtual recycle bin at any time or alternatively taken out again. So you always maintain an up-to-date and clear database.

For similar objects, the copy function of the real estate agent software helps you. You save frequently occurring texts with the help of the "text module tool". Thus, the texts can be easily re-implemented.

Your administration is determined individually by you. Also the admission of several users for the administration login is possible:

  • Assigning different user rights to specific users
  • Use immoprofessionals Real estate agent software as real estate forum

Statistics and implementations made easy with our real estate agent software

Statistics are complex matters. However, with our software you are offered a simple way to get clear and meaningful statistics that will help you identify favorites and improve your work.

Thanks to the access statistics you can see exactly which headings and objects are clicked frequently. In addition, the "AWstats" access statistics are open to you.

For further analysis, access to Google Analytics is also open to you. You can find more information directly at Google Analytics.

To get statistics for sending forms, you can integrate Google Conversion Tracking.

An implemented search service on your website is a great asset. The Google XML sitemap makes it easy for Google to store content from your website and make it accessible to your customers.

Social media has become a popular way to generate awareness and reach. Our real estate agent software supports "social bookmarking services" that allow you to link to your profiles on the following social media:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Mister-Wong
  • MySpace
  • Twitter
  • XING
  • Yahoo
  • Youtube
  • Delicious

Customized web design according to your wishes and ideas with the highest security thanks to the best real estate software for brokers

Since the data in your database is sensitive content, high security is a top priority. Therefore, the real estate agent software naturally meets the requirement of the current Primary Data Protection Regulation EU-GDPR 2018. How to broker in a legally secure way!

Your data is password protected and managed with 256Bit SSL encryption in a secured area. Also the sending and receiving of e-mails is done by 256Bit SSL encryption, which is of course already included in the price.

For the highest level of security, the hard drives of the web servers are mirrored multiple times. In addition, daily backups are created, which are transferred to a special and independent backup server.

Many real estate agent websites have the problem that they are not optimized for smartphones. But thanks to our real estate software, your website will be automatically adapted for mobile output devices. Whether smartphone, tablet or notebook-with our software your customer is guaranteed to get the perfect output of your website.

The design of your website is completely in your hands. The choice of color and the design of the administration is done according to your wishes. Your website tailor-made created according to your wishes. Header, tabs and headings can be designed the way you want. Choose between different fonts, sizes and screen widths.

A real estate agent software with which you are always up to date

We are constantly developing and we want to pass this development on to you. After all, we want to help you to always have the optimal options for marketing your properties. For this purpose, innovative updates of our software are made at regular intervals, which are of course already included in our monthly flat rate.

Start today with the design of your website and management with our real estate agent software and benefit from the best service you can find regarding property management.

However, if you are not able to implement your idea yourself, we will of course be happy to support you. Just get in touch with us for this!

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