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The real estate software for modern real estate agents.
Test free of charge and without obligation for 30 days.



Automate back office and website.
Increase acquisition and revenue.



The real estate software from immoprofessional.
Take your office with you to your appointments.



The real estate software for modern real estate agents:inside.
Test free of charge and without obligation for 30 days.

Real property software for your professional Internet site.

With your own website – more success in your real property business!

Simply guide your customers quickly and easily to your broker website for real property transactions! And lead your company more quickly to success. The professional real property software including integrated data base has been designed by immoprofessional specifically for real property brokers.

Highlights of real property software from immoprofessional:

  • Your customized real property website – your offers easily put together using this real property software.
  • Individual and variable web designs can be modified at any time.
  • NEW! Now optimized also for mobile web design (Responsive Webdesign) for mobile output devices such as Tablets and Smartphones.
  • Free Import/Export Interface to all important real property portals and software.
  • Unlimited number of properties can be offered.
  • Panorama overview of your properties, highlights in moving display, newsletter function, search function, financing calculator, automatic search machine optimizing and numerous other highlights are already integrated in your new real property software.
  • Can be operated online from any computer with your access data – without additional software – and in detail.
  • Built-in integrated cancellation policy.
  • Automatically gain new sales contacts – with the real estate valuation lead generator!
  • NEW: Free Booking Plan – ideal for your holiday or short-term property rentals.
  • Real property software complete package incl. domain as wished and unlimited memory for real property offers, e-Mail and data transfer for only 69.95 € monthly (plus VAT).
  • The first 3 months are now available at a special introductory price of of only 29.95 € monthly (plus VAT).

Real estate software that can do more.

We want to help you to convey your objects quickly and efficiently to your customers

Therefore, we offer you a software that does not limit you, but creates an infinite number of possibilities.

The infinity proves itself in the possibility of the unlimited implementation of objects. You are in not bound to a maximum limit of properties you can post on your website.
Instead, our software stands out for its unlimitedness.

Moreover, in our software additional user accesses are included in the price, not only the unlimited number of objects.

Organization of your website

In addition, the organization of your website is completely in your hands. Only you determine the names of the different tabs and sections. This way you can further personalize and individualize your website.

In thanks to responsive webdesign, you can also present yourself professionally on a smartphone or tablet! The online presence with our real estate software is guaranteed to succeed. Regardless of the output device, the website flexibly adapts the content thanks to our software, so that the offers are scaled optimally for the customer.

Implement photos, videos and even custom tours

...according to your wishes! Nothing is more important for the customer than to get a first overview of potential objects.

Furthermore, both images and videos contribute to an appealing look that draws the customer's attention to you.

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Virtual tours
  • additional docs

Search engine indexing

Your success is achieved through your website. However, the implementation in a search engine can prove to be complicated and demanding. The broker software of immoprofessional therefore implements your website in the following search engines automatically:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • uvm.

Jedes Ihrer Objekte lässt sich so leicht über jegliche Suchmaschine finden und führt den Kunden auf direktem Wege zu Ihnen.

A real estate software with linking potential.

Thanks to the integrated export interface, you only need to implement the data of your objects into your website once and then you can quickly and easily transfer them to other websites.

and many more!

Linking to other websites is also extremely easy with immoprofessional's real estate software.
free trial

Of course, you can add more interfaces independently and free of charge.

The exposé is the business card of a property.

Therefore, a good exposé is necessary for a successful mediation. With our real estate software you can easily create PDF exposés that are guaranteed to be appealing.

Simply design your PDF exposés yourself or import ready-made templates from our template database. With the Exposé Designer from immoprofessional – the comprehensive software solution for real estate agents.

Sale, Long Term & Vacation Rentals

The task of a real estate agent is not only the long-term rental or sale of properties. The rental of vacation properties or short-term apartment rentals may also fall within your scope of duties.

Our real estate software offers you the possibility for your vacation properties to use a Occupancy plan, so that your customers know directly when which objects are free!

The contact to the customer is existential in the real estate business.

Therefore, it is important to be open with the customer and give him the opportunity to contact the broker at any time. immoprofessional is aware of the necessity of successful communication.

Therefore, thanks to our software, when designing your website, you will find the possibility to create forms, such as for contact or object requests.

Establish internationally on the market.

In addition, international encounters are also frequent in the real estate world. Our real estate software offers you a solution for this as well:

the immoprofessional software package provides you with german, english,
spanish and turkish as company languages and lets you, after a small surcharge, implement many languages. How which content is translated is entirely in your hands.

Design your website with our real estate agent software today.

Use our software the first three months for only 29,95€ monthly and afterwards for an inexpensive flat rate of 69,95€.!

In return, you receive a comprehensive service package:

  • A ready to use website with desired internet address
  • Unlimited number for the implementation of objects and users
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • If necessary, free relocation of the Internet address
order now
immoprofessional stands for:

"Success at the best price."

Alternatively, you can convince yourself of the advantages of our real estate software for 30 days thanks to our free trial version. If you still have questions, we are always there for you. Contact us!

Start your online success as a real estate agent today
with the real estate software from immoprofessional!

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We provide the answers.


We are convinced of our work and can therefore list countless reasons - but the best impression of our products and our service can be given by our customers themselves: Diverse real estate agent homepages are already equipped with our software. In addition, you can find extensive reviews from satisfied customers on Google, Facebook and Provenexpert. Provenexpert offers you additional security and an independent view of the quality of our service.

We ourselves would advise you to use our real estate software for the following reasons:

  • You get a one-stop website and software designed specifically for real estate agents.
  • You can enjoy an unbeatable price.
  • You have the certainty that you are always legally compliant.
  • You benefit from a website / software at the height of the times and the future.
  • You get a website / software that is very easy to use.
  • In case of questions or problems, our support by phone and e-mail is included for you.

If you think that's all, we have to disappoint you. Because we offer you even more highlights! Our real estate agent software has a variety of practical functions that will make your work much easier. To name just a few, you will benefit from:

Interfaces to all common real estate portals, exposé printing, legally secure e-mail dispatch, appointment management and also CRM. Likewise, with our web design for real estate, you can expect helpful advantages such as panoramic overviews of all offered objects on your website, display of objects on Google Maps, a financing calculator for your customers or an appointment calendar that informs your customers about the availability of an object or about open appointments.

All you need to use our software is a web browser like Firefox/Edge/Safari or Chrome. There is no need to install extra software on your local PC. The big advantage: our cloud software can be accessed from anywhere, from any device and by any employee at any time, i.e. via smartphones/tablets/Windows PCs or Apple PCs. All that is required is an Internet connection on your part. Daily data backups are made on our servers and we guarantee an availability of our servers of 99% on an annual average.

In this way, you can conveniently access all important data from anywhere and are particularly flexible in your work. So that you can try out the advantages of our real estate agent software in advance, we offer you the possibility to test the real estate homepage free of charge. This way you can convince yourself of the advantages!

Unlimited objects and unlimited workstations/users at no extra charge - this is what sets immoprofessional apart from other competitors. Also included in the monthly usage fee are: Your Internet address (domain), e-mail addresses, support, updates and much more! All this you get with us for an unbeatable price of 69,95 € per month plus 19% VAT. If you want to find a web design for real estate at a reasonable price, you will find an optimal partner in us! Our website / software lets you work more efficiently and faster that you save time and effort. These gained resources allow you to serve more customers at the same time and so our software proves to be a true investment in your success!

Nowadays, no real estate agent can do without software that has been specially designed for real estate agents. Who still wants to manually advertise offers on dozens of real estate portals or maintain their customers and proofs by paperwork? With real estate agent software, all of this can be done with just a few clicks. In digitalized form, you will find all relevant data and documents collected in one place, so that you can access them at any time and from anywhere. Also, before viewing a property, every real estate agent needs legal proof of the prospective buyer's confirmation of the terms and conditions, the cancellation policy and a privacy policy. All of this is already stored for you in immoprofessional's brokerage software. Even your own homepage is already included in our brokerage software. So you get all your equipment conveniently from one source! In addition, you can expect numerous practical functions that will make your everyday work noticeably easier. Always keep an overview with our broker software and be legally on the right side at all times!

You are spoilt for choice - there are currently many different providers on the market. These often differ greatly in functionality, handling as well as in the services that are included in the standard price. With the broker software from immoprofessional, you have all the trump cards in your hand: An easy-to-use broker software, not overloaded with functions that no one needs, but limited to the essentials! And the best: You receive our software at a fair all-inclusive price, in which all services are already covered.

Cloud means accessibility of your brokerage software from any device, anywhere in the world! No need for strenuous installations on your device, our brokerage software can be easily accessed via web browser, even from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Are you worried about cloud software? You don't have to, we guarantee 99% uptime on an annual average, backups are generated daily and all connections to our servers are encrypted, as required by law. Are you interested in technical details about websites and software? Then feel free to browse through our blog and discover exciting articles about web design and much more!

With cloud systems, your data is not stored locally on your PC, but on the Internet on our web servers. The advantage for you: You do not have to worry about technical things like data backup, updates or maintenance of the cloud system. We take care of all this for you, so that your brokerage software from immoprofessional is fully accessible at all times and you can concentrate on your core business.

Imagine you have created a new property in your brokerage software and are driving home. Now an important prospective buyer calls and wants to have more information about the property quickly. What do you do? Do you make an extra trip to the office? With cloud brokerage software, that's not necessary. You simply log back in from the comfort of your home using your PC or tablet. Thanks to the cloud, you are always up to date - no matter where you are - and always have all data and documents at hand. So you have more time for yourself and your loved ones and at the same time happy customers who can be served quickly and extensively at any time thanks to the cloud brokerage software.

What is important for a broker software? We have always asked ourselves this question during the development of our software in order to provide our customers with the best possible result! For us, the most important things are operation, functionality and legal security! Many providers cover the same points, but at comparatively high prices. We at immoprofessional have made it our business to offer high-quality services at a fair price! That's why we offer you a wide range of services for the daily tasks of a real estate agent at a fair monthly flat rate of 69,95 €. Really only 69,95 € for a complete real estate agent software incl. homepage / unlimited number of objects / unlimited number of workstations? Yes - at immoprofessional of course! Just try it out yourself for 30 days free of charge and without obligation. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at any time! We will be happy to advise you on all aspects of your real estate agent software and your online presence with our web design.

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