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What does immoprofessional realtor software offer you?

immoprofessional is the software for professional brokers in the field of real property and fulfils all your requirements. It is impossible to describe everything in detail on this page and so here we simply list the most important features in brief. If you have any questions about the individual functions of immoprofessional software or you require more detailed information then just contact us! – Our immoprofessional team will be pleased to assist you.

Realtor software with unlimited number of properties:

  • Present unlimited real estate offers on your website.
  • Decide yourself on the names for the categories in the menu. There is no limit to the number of menu options or sub-headings on your website!
  • For each property you can present as many photos, videos or virtual tours as you wish:
    • From your digital camera or from any data inventory directly to the real property database with any further processing!
    • As many photos as you wish can be transferred together in a ZIP file.
    • Automatic size and format adjustment.
    • Individual photo/video text entries.
    • Watermark protection against theft or misuse of you photo data.
    • Videos from YouTube embedded directly to properties or under other headings.
  • A total of 13 object categories with their own input masks such as "House Purchase", "Apartment Rental" or "Hotel & Catering" are at your disposal.
  • Additional information material (e.g. blueprints or floor plans) in PDF, Excel, Word or ZIP format for download can be added for all the properties.

Client orientation included – the highlights of your broker software:

  • "Panorama overview" of all properties offered on your Internet pages with the most important key data in the selection of a desired category. Having selected a property, your customers or interested parties can be offered the following possibilities:
    • Automatically gain new sales contacts – with the real estate valuation lead generator!
    • Views of all the photos, videos or sketches you have uploaded and virtual tours.
    • Reading, printing out or download of a short exposé in PDF format with the data you have entered.
    • Property taken up into a personal checklist.
    • Request for further information or a detailed exposé in PDF format (either set up by you directly with the object or called up and printed exclusively through you).
    • Link to information site of the town or local community where the selected property is located.
    • Each object can also be sent as an e-mail greeting card.
    • The location of a property can be displayed in Google-Maps.
    • Various financing calculation models are available so that you customer can for example find out his budget or installment payments.
    • Your objects can be imported as an RSS feed. You can import any external RSS feeds and display them on your website.
  • Object Tracking:
    • Let your customers have information about your activities.
    • Have you as broker arranged a viewing appointment of the real property or have you advertised in the newspaper? – Simply enter the data for the respective property and release the object in the software for "Object Tracking".
    • Your clients can select Object-Tracking via customer login function (see below for further details) and see the data you have entered.
  • Schedule Management:
    • Enter your appointments under schedule management and simply link them with your properties, customers or other users.
    • Deadline reminders optionally as pop-up whilst logged in or as e-mail.
    • In connection with a Microsoft Exchange Server, which can also be supplied by us, ongoing synchronization of your appointments calendar is also possible with Outlook, a Smartphone or other devices.
  • As the broker you can set up a password-protected customer login for your cust:
    • Quick and uncomplicated allocation of password.
    • Release of exclusive properties for viewing by selected clients.
    • Administration of a real estate checklist by your customers.
    • Client can easily compare objects of interest.
    • View of object tracking data.
    • You receive important information about the interests of your clients.
    • Should your customer forget his password, it can be requested automatically by e-mail.
  • Newsletter-Service:
    • Compile your own latest real estate offers and information.
    • Easier, quicker and more related to target group when sent as graphic e-mail.
  • Form editor:
    • Draw up your own question or contact forms quickly and easily with your own fields, designations and options.
    • Results of your own forms received quickly and easily per e-mail.
    • From a form data base you can take over ready drawn up forms used by other immoprofessional customers or you can place your own forms at the disposal of others.
  • Financing calculations:
    • Rent models „How much am I paying into other people's pockets?“
    • Budget models „How much can I afford to pay for the real estate?“
    • Repayment models „How long will I be paying back my credit?“
    • Annuity models „How high are the monthly payments?“
  • Free Booking Plan – ideal for your holiday or short-term property rentals.
  • Highlights in moving display on the start page of your broker homepage for especially interesting properties.
  • Alternatively, 1 - 4 objects are presented on the start page – e.g. as “Offer of the month“.
  • News tickers either at the top or bottom of the website.
  • List of “the latest real properties“ on your website.
  • Easy search with various options, e.g. according to category, location, post code, size of residence, size of land plot or price.
  • „Multi-option contact form„ for more targeted enquiries and for specific customer data base information.
  • Support of the following „Social Bookmarking Services„: Delicious, Facebook, Google, Mister-Wong, MySpace, Twitter, Xing, Yahoo and Yigg.
  • Integration of your social network profile on: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter und Xing.

Easy to use data base:

  • High storage capacity means that your Internet presence serves both as administrator of data and of the object.
  • Client data base easy to update.
  • Client /Object matching
    Suitable properties can be found for the customer within seconds on the basis of locations or other criteria or through similar key words entered by the customer.
  • Print-out of all object and customer data for you as the realtor is easy at all times.
  • Contents of categories not directly related to the property e.g. „Things you should know„ or „Our company„ can be easily managed through a simple-to-use Editor (similar to MS-Word)..
  • Virtual Waste Basket:
    As storage for completed tasks or former customers. Ideal for quick re-entry into realtor software – even years later.
  • Copy function for identical or similar objects:
    e.g. town houses or multi-occupant buildings
  • Texts which are frequently repeated can be saved as a „text module tool„ and simply added as required once again into any text fields.
  • Own set up and administration of individual e-mail addresses and POP3-mail boxes.
  • Approval for several users for the administration login possible through the broker:
    • Every user can be allocated diverse user rights (e.g. for viewing specific, all or own objects).
    • Using immoprofessional as a real property forum is possible and easy.
  • Significant access statistics:
    You can see exactly how often your categories and properties are clicked. In addition there are also „AWstats„ access statistics at your disposal.
  • Google Analytics:
    In order to receive further statistics, the Web Analysis Google-Analytics can be integrated. Further information can be found under => Google Analytics
  • Google Conversion Tracking
    In order to receive more statistics for sending out forms, Google Conversion Tracking can be integrated. Further information can be found under => Google Conversion Tracking
  • Google XML-Sitemaps:
    Every website has an always up-t-date XML Site Map. This makes it easier for search programs such as Google, Bing or Yahoo to save the contents of your website. All information on this theme can be found under:
  • Visitor' Book:
    As an option you can run a visitors' book on you realtor website from immoprofessional, as a sub category.
  • The real property data bank can be used without additional software by any PC, Linux computer or Macintosh.
  • Automatic generation of QR codes for each of your objects.


Variable web design for your realtor website:

  • Also optimized for mobile web design ("Responsive Webdesign") for mobile output devices e.g. Tablets and Smartphones:
    Whether classic computer, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone, your Internet presence from immoprofessional always functions – regardless of which output device is used or the respective screen resolution. The contents are adjusted accordingly
  • Your broker website in your corporate design:
    Simply design your professional broker website yourself, as you wish! In the administration section, just enter your corporate colors – you Internet presence is customized in visual appearance. The headers to your website can also be designed as you choose and easily managed in your own design via the administration function. There is a choice of many typefaces. Optionally the page can be spread over the available screen width or fixed according to specific dimensions.
  • You have your own design ideas for you real estate homepage?
    No problem! immoprofessional also offers you your completely individual web design by professional web designers – at a fixed price. Just contact us!

Top security:

  • immoprofessional with integrated right of revocation tool available now. Choose to have your cancellation policy forwarded automatically to your customers by email and be on the safe side. Before sending a complete property brochure, you can also arrange with your customers, by way of an integrated email reply module, to take action before the term of revocation expires. This makes it safer and easier for you to act as a broker. With immoprofessional.
  • With more than 500 satisfied customers all over the world immoprofessional has been a safe guarantee for your professional broker website since 2004.
  • All web servers of immoprofessional are operated at locations in Germany with 130 Gigabit/s and multiple redundant glass fiber connections in high-performance data centers of 1&1 Internet AG. Good for your realtor website: high accessibility of the servers to 99 % on yearly average.
  • In order to guarantee the highest level of security for your data the hard disks of all web servers are multiple copied. The daily, fully automatically compiled back-ups are transferred to special independent back-up servers.
  • Your sensitive property and client data are managed in a password-protected area with 256Bit SSL coding. Sending and receiving of e-mails can also be done with 256Bit-SSL encryption.

Always at the latest state of the art:

  • The immoprofessional team constantly develops its real property software and always offers you the very best possibilities for marketing your property objects.

    This updating service is undertaken at regular intervals and is already included in the monthly rates!
Your free test version from immoprofessional:
See for yourself – discover all the possibilities! Your new real property software!

Simply fill out the fields – your test version is at your disposal for 30 days free of charge online in the Internet. If you then wish to place an order, all contents which you compile and enter during this period will be automatically taken over by immoprofessional.

Request your gratis test version for your website here and non-binding:

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