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The general terms and conditions of business of immoprofessional.

Partner for real property brokers in all matters of professional realtor software!

1. Right of utilization:

With payment of the monthly utilization fee you receive the right to unrestricted use of the realtor software from immoprofessional. The source texts of the software however, remain with immoprofessional. You do not receive FTP access to the Server.

2. Domains/Domain ownership rights in the case of termination or default of payment:

For the utilization of immoprofessional realtor software it is not always necessary to relocate your domain to that of immoprofessional. You can also set up a diversion to one of the sub-domains which we place at your disposal. However, this would be of benefit to you. All necessary transfer measures would be undertaken free of charge by immoprofessional. The domain remains registered to the end of the period paid by the client. If there were no results on expiry of the period of notice as stated in the warning letter, immoprofessional is also entitled especially to no longer holding the respective domain as a registered domain and without further specific notice can release this domain for use elsewhere. The claim for remuneration on the part of immoprofessional in this case remains unchanged in its entirety. The sole right of possession for the Internet domain remains with the customer.

3. Contract / Notice of Termination:

immoprofessional has the right to accept the application of the prospective client on completion of contract within a period of 14 days following the order by telephone or sending off the order by the customer. The contract comes into effect only on signature of the application by both parties, by immoprofessional or on the first action in fulfillment. The contract is entered into for 3 months. The contractual relationship can be terminated with reasons given by either contracting party with a period of notice of 14 days to the end of contract. Should there be a termination without correct period of notice, then the contractual period is extended by 3 months respectively.

4. Servers:

immoprofessional guarantees the accessibility of its servers to 99% annual average. Excepted are times when on the grounds of technical or other problems beyond the control of immoprofessional, (Act of God, third party cause etc.), the servers are not accessible. immoprofessional can restrict access to services insofar as this is required in terms of security of the network, maintenance of net integrity and especially the avoidance of substantial malfunctions of the network, software or recorded data. Insofar as not otherwise agreed, data transfer is included in the tariff. The used data transfer volume is the result of the sum of all data transfers in connection with the customer order (e.g. mails, downloads, uploads, websites). For the determination of the data transfer volume one Gigabyte is one thousand Megabytes, one Megabyte is one thousand Kilobytes and a Kilobyte is one thousand Bytes.

5. Contents of the online offer:

Information on the websites does not under any circumstances represent legally valid assurances. immoprofessional reserves the right to make amendments or supplements to all information or data already presented. There are no legal claims to be deduced from the subject material presented here. Offers in all their parts are exclusively non-binding. Contents of immoprofessional are copyright protected. Contents may not be copied, reproduced, published or saved under an information system in part or as a whole without the prior written consent of the originator.

6. Data protection:

Your data are of course used solely for internal company purposes and shall not be forwarded to third parties. Insofar as included under the Internet offer there is a possibility of entering personal or business data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses, bank details, telephone numbers), then the submission of these data on the part of the user are expressly on a voluntary basis. The use of and payment for all services offered — as far as technically possible and reasonable — is also allowed without these statements or as anonymous data or under a pseudonym.

7. Default of payment:

In the case of non-payment or serious default in payment of the monthly rates, immoprofessional reserves the right to terminate the contract or to remove the realtor software immoprofessional from the Internet during the period of default.

8. Liability:

immoprofessional accepts liability only in the case that immoprofessional or one of the persons carrying out business on its behalf has breached a substantial contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) in such a way as to endanger the purpose of the contract or damage incurred by reason of gross negligence or intention can be attributed to immoprofessional or a person carrying out its business. Should any culpable breach of contractual obligation (cardinal obligation) not be due to gross negligence or intention then the liability of immoprofessional is limited to the damage which could reasonably have been foreseen by immoprofessional at the time the contract was entered into.

9. Rights /Links:

All tights reserved. The information given here is the property of immoprofessional. At the time of publication this information was at the state of art. Any liability or guarantee for the current status, correctness or completeness of the information and data made available is excluded. This also applies to all other websites and the websites of customers of immoprofessional, which are accessed by means of a so-called "hyperlink". immoprofessional is not responsible for the content of such websites. All information or data, their use and all actions, tolerance or refrain in respect of immoprofessional websites are subject exclusively to German law, under exclusion of international law. Place of performance and exclusive place of jurisdiction is Osnabrück.
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