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General Data Protection Regulation

With the real estate agent software from immoprofessional, you comply with the current General Data Protection Regulation EU-GDPR 2018.

To comply with the current data protection regulations and legal requirements for your website, simply use immoprofessional's data protection tools.

  • The complete data protection statements according to German law are already integrated into your website as templates and can be changed or adapted at any time.
  • If you use Facebook, Google+, Twitter, XING or WhatsApp share buttons, buttons are built in that protect privacy and are permitted under GDPR ("Shariff").
  • The GDPR stipulates that all personal data must be transmitted encrypted. With the real estate agent software from immoprofessional you are on the safe side, the websites are SSL-encrypted completely automatically and free of charge.
  • An explanation of the use of cookies will automatically appear on your immoprofessional homepage.
  • A cancellation policy incl. cancellation form is also integrated into your website as a PDF template.
  • Your newsletter and object dispatch is legally compliant according to the GDPR ("double opt-in").
  • A template with a link to the EU dispute resolution platform is provided in your imprint.
  • By sending an email with a PDF attachment, you can have your customers confirm the privacy policy, your T&C's, the cancellation policy, an instant order and contact you by phone and email.

All other functions of your real estate software from immoprofessional! you can find here.

* We can not guarantee legal security for the use of the templates and links. All information without guarantee, errors excepted.
We ask for your understanding that we as a company can not give binding legal advice.

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